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HCF Happy Calm Focused Effect

Happy Calm Focused BrochureTo have a healthy brain is critical when you want to feel good because your brain is the part of your body that controls all the other.

Feeding it properly is extremely important because your brain requires many neuro-nutrients to run at its optimum capacity.

If your daily nutrition is bad, consisting of junk food and irregular meals, and your brain is not provided with the substances it needs, you will damage it and once it stops functioning correctly, your brain will slowly lose the control of your other body parts.

Starving your brain is the worst thing you can do to your body and unfortunately, some damages are most of the time irreversible. Scientists are saying that junk food can hurt your brain cells, but people don't see these bad things happening suddenly, and that's why they don't take them seriously.

Providing food rich in nutrients to your brain is not the only thing you should do, you need to provide it with the right nutrients and most important is that these nutrients should be able to pass your BBB (blood-brain barrier). Without passing your BBB, the nutrients can't reach their target and your brain can't benefit enough from those nutrients.

Happy, Calm & Focused is a powerful brain supplement, made of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that support the production of neurotransmitters like the ones associated with alertness and well-being feelings. The two amino acids in its composition are L-Glutamine and DL-Phenylalanine. L-Glutamine amino acid is a precursor of gamma-aminobutyric acid (also known as GABA) which tends to help you think clearer, supports your concentration and helps you stay calmer and focused on the things you are doing. As you know, all of your body activities are managed by your brain. DL-Phenylalanine amino acid is a precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. These make the endorphin receptors to be more sensitive to endorphins, which tend to bring you feelings of contentment, love and excitement, feelings that will support your attention and your motivation.

The neuro-nutrients present in HCF Happy, Calm Focused support L-Glutamine and DL-Phenylalanine amino acids to pass through the blood-brain barrier, and once your brain will be nourished it will start producing neurotransmitters. People taking DL-Phenylalanine and L-Glutamine by themselves are not happy with the results, and this because the two amino acids are filtered by the BBB and they never reach the brain. Taking HCF with only water and on an empty stomach helps the neuro-nutrients passing into the brain and successfully feed your brain.

If you want to feel good, you should first learn about your brain, understand how your hypothalamus is functioning and provide it with what it needs because you can't feel good if your brain is not feeling well. Your thoughts, your feelings, and emotions, all come from your brain, and neurotransmitters and hormones are one of the things behind all these. The neuro-nutrients in HCF nourish and helps your brain to support the manufacturing of neurotransmitters. Your endocrine system (known by many as "hormonal system") is also controlled by your hypothalamus, and it consists of many glands that secrete hormones (chemical messengers). Your hormones make changes to your body much like neurotransmitters, but a whole lot slower.

Supporting your hypothalamus, the"master controller" of your entire body and your endocrine system with HCF neuro-nutrients may help you stay healthy, be happy, calm, and focused every single day.

Main Benefits

Taking this supplement may have multiple benefits for you. Some of them are: Helps Enhance Focus*, Increase Concentration*, Sustain Feeling Happy*, Feel Internally Calm*, Promotes Healthy Sleep Cycles*, Helps Increase Attention*, Helps Improve Alertness & Memory*, Helps Curb Anxious Eating*, Help Losing Weight*, Strengthens Neural Pathways*, Increase Learning Abilities*, Be Energized & Strong*, Supports Hormone Balance*, Boosts "Feel-Good" Neurons*, Fortifies Against Daily Stress*, Increase Your Confidence*, Calm Down Restlessness*, Reduces Negative Feelings*, Healthier, Happier Way Of Living*

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