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Ordering Questions / Answers

Below you can find the answer to the most popular questions asked by the customers of HCF Happy, Calm & Focused about the ordering process.

Q: Is the product shipped to my country?
A: Even Happy Calm Focused is shipped by its manufacturer world-wide, there are some "restricted" countries where the product is not being shipped. You should go on HCFAminoScience.com and try placing an order. If your country is available in the drop-down list from their checkout it mean the product can be delivered to you.

Q: Is this supplement available in physical (offline) stores as well?
A: Unfortunately this product can be ordered only online at this moment, through the manufacturer website or by phone. The good news is HCF Company recently launched a retailer program, so you will be able to find it very soon in many "brick-and-mortar" shops.

Q: I placed an order but I haven't received any product.
A: First of all, make sure the estimated shipping period have expired. Based on the country you live in and the type of shipping selected when you placed the order, the period of time estimated for the shippment to arrive is different. If the shipping period expired that mean your shipping may be delayed, for one reason or another. If you have received a tracking number, please check and see where your product is. If the product arrived in your country, but you have not received any notification from your post office, you should give them a call and ask if there's a package on your name and when you can go to pick it up.

Q: The product I received is damaged, opened or expired. What should I do?
A: If the bottle is damaged, opened or expired you should not consume its content! Call the HCF customer support immediately and request for a product replacement.

Q: Do I need a prescription to order?
A: Happy, Calm & Focused is a dietary supplement and not a drug. You don't need a medical prescription to order it, but we recommend you to consult with your nutritionist before consuming HCF or any other supplement.

Q: Why I can't get the Free* Trial bottle (*only pay shipping)?
A: There may be two reasons why you can't get the HCF DISCOUNTS bottle: 1) There is a single bottle per house-hold. If you have already got a bottle, or someone living at your address got it, you will not be able to get another one. 2) The "free* trial" offer is available in USA and Canada only. If you live in another country the system will redirect you to the discount packages.



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Where to Buy HCF?

You can buy this supplement online with high discounts on the Official Website.